I knit like the wind ((is that tm’d?)) on Friday and had to put it ((swallowtail)) aside 8 rows shy of finishing the 14 repeats of the Budding Lace 2 chart. It was soo difficult to put down. But I finished some reading today instead. :)

Do we think I can finish this entire thing by Wednesday evening and include in that pile of finished work 2 finals and more hours of work-work than I want to admit?

Verdict on food thus far, well, there are only two of us and only one of us should be eating wheat products ((I had a small slice and it didn’t affect me too much. I enjoyed it and am looking to see if I can alter it to be gluten-friendly)) but there is most definitely less than half a cake left! E really enjoyed it. The soup was really good too, there is a lot leftover but that was my plan as I wanted lunches available this crazy week. I’m still not sure if I’m making soup or casserole for dinner but I hope whichever will be yummy.

Shavua Tov!