tools: tissues, time, not tears

Today’s tool is a box of tissues. My nose has still been running horrid and I sometimes suddenly get slammed with massive sinus pain. Tis icky and not fun. i’ve gone through almost all of the layers of skin on my nose. I’m not happy about it but assume i could be cast in a holiday play quite easily.

Today’s tool is that I will be talking about time management sometime in the next month. That said, I want to thank both of my professors for requiring a small discussion about the status of our final papers in advance of their due dates. I’m much further along in each paper because of this. My goal is to finish them both a full 24 hours before they are due in order to have a large number of eyes assist me in proofing and fixing my penny-speak. For Ms Procrastination herself this is a big change in policy. ((Sadly I’ve not been able to work on Swallowtail since Tuesday evening due to sinuses and the amount of work. I have set aside time tomorrow morning to work on it.))

Not tears is because of the tissues and time management. I’m stressed but no where near as stressed as normal. Work is crazy. School is crazy. Weather is crazy. My sinuses are beyond crazy. My sinuses are causing my eyes to well up with tears involuntarily. It’s fun, right?

I hate to end this on a sad note, but …

There were some tears when I learned of loosing "the Professor" (background here). My heart breaks and my brain is confused. What can I do? I’m the daughter of a mother who lost children, but not at this stage in her child’s life. I grew up with this. I want forever to heal my mother’s pain and to somehow help others. I have no answers only more questions.

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  1. Feel better! I just – oh, a parent losing a child is the worst thing ever.

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