Do we think I can complete the next 58% of swallowtail in the next week? (Goal is to block it on Wednesday evening)

Remember when it looked like this?


Well, at 42% (also known as completion of 9 repeats of budding lace 2 or 135 stitches) it looks like:


I’m too chicken to take out any of my lifelines. It is a good use for my crochet cotton since I haven’t been crocheting lately.

E’s sock?

We went from:
[photopress:esock_23nov.JPG,thumb,pp_image] (last Wednesday) to [photopress:esock_01dec.jpg,thumb,pp_image] (on friday) and to this [photopress:esocks05dec.jpg,thumb,pp_image] (today, with a skein of Bernat sox for size)

in the past week. I’m pretty impressed. It’s almost 5" I need to do 3 more and then I start the heel. I haven’t knit much since I got the addi’s but I am tempting many to buy them. ;)

Here’s a comparison of the addi’s with the brittany’s. Ignore my incredibly stained thrift store denim skirt.

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4 Replies to “42”

  1. Wow! So pretty! And, taking the lifelines out before blocking? Ha, that’s like sky-diving on The List of crazy activities.

  2. Well, progress is progress. I think you will make it for Christmas. I once finished an entire sock on the three hour trip from college to home. Just in time for Christmas.

  3. i need to finish by start of chanukkah thus the compressed time. ;) that’s friday night 15th of december this year. as that is also shabbos i need to really finish by next wednesday so i can block it and it dry. i am happy that chanukkah is at least not starting on december 5th or something. (it’s always the same hebrew date (24 kislev).. it’s the civil calendar which changes.) ;)

  4. I don’t think you’ll get stopped for the ADdis. Just take alittle padded envelope wtih postage on it just in case (I have these in all my carry on stuff, they just live there waiting for the day I meet an ignorant TSA agent). But honestly, i don’t think your addi dpns will cause any concern at all.

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