flying with sticks and string

Edited 6 Dec

Today’s post (achoo) will be a listing of links I’ve found to other sites about flying (achoo) with sticks and string. I will be taking my bamboo needles and not even checking my new addis (for fear of checked baggage going awol). Yes, I probably should learn to knit socks with two circs due to commuting (I ain’t going to chase that dpn under the seat) [thank you franklin] but …

Here’s my current list. Some might be out of date. I’ll add to it as I find. If you know of any good sites, please let me know. (how’s that for short choppy fragments?)

two unrelated bits:
a slow bday/graduation present to sara. i am going to try to convert her to wordpress. muwahh hah hah. i was going to wait to give this to her, but i was in the domain buying mood and uhm. well, did you know that i can’t find ducky fabric anywhere? (Sarah, I can’t find that orange zipper either.)

and why do all you awesome people live in places that are not very close to NYC (i.e. it’ll cost me more than a $2 subway ride?)? OR, CA, Chicago, Washington DC & area, Boston, NH, Philly … ARG!

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  1. Temptress, I call thee. And, I reallyreally wish I lived closer! *wail* We’re gonna have to have a knit-blogger retreat one of these days… ooh, now there’s a bad thought ;D

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