we interrupt this program…

Tonight I got my small package from Knot Another Hat. I think Sarah should just have a weekly package run for me. ;) I picked up a gorgeous ball of Peaches & Creme in BubbleGum (in my light tonight it looks like nice purples). I’m not fully sure its intended purpose but i knew it would fit in the box with my …

WONDERFUL NEW BEAUTIFUL Addi dpns. 2.5mm 4″ wonders!.

I am in LOVE with these needles.

Does anyone know for certain if I can fly with them? (Stephanie uses metal doesn’t she? Hmm..) And if I can’t if I run into a problem with security if they’ll let me check them? I do not want to go back to the bamboo! EVER!! These are the perfect size for me and I just blinked and knit two more rows of E’s sock. And I don’t feel like I’m going to snap them. They aren’t pencil pointy but nice and solid and a great point for my sock-work. Oh I am in LOVE.

I practically tore the box open and started knitting in the hallway in order to get to try them. I actually remembered to take off my coat once I got the box open. I’m impressed I didn’t snap any of the brittany’s in my eagerness to switch over.

Ok, now that I’ve said that.

Sarah at KnotAnotherHat has awesome fast service!! yay!! Go buy things from her. She has a great shop!

Also, I gave Yvonne a small little early holiday present today. You can now visit LavenderSheep.com to get to her esty page, her listings at KnotAnotherHat, her blog, and her free patterns! In the next few months look for new and exciting things there (perhaps a nice image gallery? who knows). Yvonne’s given me a lot of great advice and has such beautiful yarn… This is the least I could do for her. Go buy up all her nice new men mitt kits!

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  1. Thank you for the very nice shout out. I am sure that Sarah appreciates it also!!!

  2. So long as they haven’t been dipped in hair gel, you can carry DPN’s on planes. Unless you’re flying from LaGaurdia – they’ll frisk you over darning needles (don’t ask how I know this). Oh, dear. The Addi review is going to lead me into Trouble, I can just see it…

  3. Thanks Peninah! Glad you like the needles. Now that people are catching on that I have them they are flying off the shelf. Good luck on the plane – you’ll have to let us know how your dpns fared. :)

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