some yarn tools and news…

Lots of updates to this post at 10:55pm

First up, the yarn shops.

PS Yarns is moving so they are having a huge sale. I walked by today and couldn’t go in because I was running late. I don’t know any more even though I thought I was on their mailing list. I hope it’s just because they are moving. update I received the letter in my mailbox today. I really hope that they don’t mind my posting it here. The line was already out the door this afternoon when I went by … I will be there tomorrow morning and hopefully something will be left! I also hope that they reopen.

Knitty City is really nice and friendly .. I’ve been shopping there on and off since they opened. They are now open 7 days a week between now and New Years (excluding the 25th). edit I stopped by there this afternoon b/c of the line at PS Yarns and picked up a pair of Bryspun circs in a larger size to work on the wedding afghan, of which the swatch is finished and given to intended recipient — he loves the color I hope his fiance does as well. Though, stupid me! I forgot to measure it before I gave it to him. I’m going to be knitting a really small quick swatch again so I can figure out how big it will be and if I want to make it any bigger, and how much yarn it might use. I’m also debating if I should just knit the entire thing without the garter stitch edge so that I can easily knit on a border … of course I’m kind of doing it backwards.. the afghan is a brownish basketweave. And the border I can think of is a maroon flowery thing. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? ;)

Knot Another Hat is selling the “new” Addi dpn’s, I’ll give a review when I get them in. (edit: these are new to me, and I ordered a set of 2.5mm.. I’m really excited with them.) Sadly I won’t be able to fly with them but they will get a lot of use otherwise. E’s sock is just zipping along on the Knit Picks Essentials. I’m noticing some tangles in the yarn, but I’m noting this as user error. I’m notorious for knotting yarn and getting tangles.

Speaking of knitpicks I am LOVING the one needle & cable I bought from the set the cable is FLEXIBLE and the join is the smoothest I’ve had for many circs and I think they are pointy enough for me. I haven’t been good budget-wise so I’m not sure if E will help me out and let me get the set.

Another great tool is the website Yarndex I forget how I found this, but it’s awesome. I introduced it to Sara the other day.. :)

Lastly, I’m looking for some software so I can chart up patterns and save them and reprint them. I have a mac. I can use linux software as well. I need it to be as close to open source and as low a user-free as possible. Can anyone help me out with suggestions? I’d like to be able to demo before I buy, if there is a purchase fee.