SSE and some knitting too!

SSE = serious stash enhancement

I went to the Smiley’s yarn sale. I spent more money there than at MDSWF or Rhinebeck combined (but ignoring transportation or hotel add-in costs) but if one looks at ALL that I schlepped home. (thankfully it didn’t rain)

PG is miffed that I didn’t take her. So she is modeling the haul. There’s a lot there. Let’s see… There is (from the top) … PG (who needs her eyes fixed. My permanent marker didn’t stay too permanent. Anyone have better ideas?)

  1. 1 bag (6 balls) of Paton’s SWS Soy Wool in 70013 Natural Earth. I have a few ideas .. this yarn is for ME. I’m being selfish. Everything else I’ve been working on lately is for others. I’m a bad girl. It was $30.
  2. 3 bags (18 balls total) of Bernat Country Wool in 44031: Barn Board (Wine). I’ll discuss a bit more further below what that’s for. :)
  3. 1 bag (10 balls!) Bernat Sox in 40706 Crazy Hot (crayola colors, ‘cept for purple). This is for baby things. I can’t WAIT to start with it, but need to be a good girl. I do think that one ball has been earmarked for me.
  4. 4 pairs of 29″ susan bates circs in US 3, 4, 6, and 10½. There is also a boye loop embroidery tool. The circs were $4 each and the boye was $1.

    Ok, now what’s up for that Country Wool? My friend V is getting married in September. I wanted to give him and his fiance J something nice and possibly practical. I suggested (ok pushed) the concept of an afghan on them. At first I thought I was going to make Barbara Walker’s Learn to Knit Afghan (actually I still might, but it’s looking less likely). I went to the library yesterday and took out Gorgeous Knitted Afghans: 33 Great Designs for Creative Knitters by Fatema Habibur-Rahman and fell in love with the “Berries in a Basket” pattern. Except in one color. So… I went to Smiley’s today looking for proper yarn. I wanted worsted and machine washable, in colors that V & J requested. The Wool-Ease I thought I was going to buy was sport-weight. And V had said they’d like a big blankie … That wasn’t going to go well (not to mention I wasn’t happy with the color options). Then I had some 100% merino from iceland .. but it was $25 a bag.. and not machine washable. But there was this Country Wool in a perfect color and with some wool and machine washable. I’ll try to swatch tonight so I can show V in class tomorrow. Added bonus? I can just follow the pattern as written and end up with a bigger blanket! :)

    So, knitting? Yes. I have been knitting. Well, I’m making great progress on the SwallowTail. Due to circumstances beyond my control I didn’t get any time yesterday to knit on it. I’m hoping to tonight (because I have nothing else on my to-do list). E’s sock is just zipping along. It’s a very nice easy pattern with enough to keep me from falling asleep. I should probably check gauge and remeasure his sock-area. I just am worried he won’t like them but feel guilty and wear them anyway. I guess if he doesn’t like them I can rip out and rework the toe to fit me. :) Awesome. I can’t do that with store bought socks! It’s also quite interesting. I’ve been getting many many comments on how complex what I knit is, I hear “I only knit rectangles .. wow, that’s soo fancy”. I also hear “I used to do it but stopped because I was too busy.” *sigh* Seriously, socks are NOT hard. Yes, dpn’s can be a bit clumsy, especially for the first few rows after cast-on but then it’s loads of fun.

    Here are some more nibi pics.. She and E really get along well. She’s scared of me.

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