two books finished, many started, some more in the wings

The White Mare by Jules Watson.
Nice. I picked up this book at Strand while going for one of my texts. I had no reason for it except it wasn’t really expensive. It sat from mid-August until a week ago. Then I devoured it. The story is well written and interesting. It is of a place & time period I love but am wholly ignorant about (Britain/Scotland at time of Roman invasion). I look forward to finding book two, The Dawn Stag and eventually book three, he Boar Stone.

Mason Dixon Knitting by Ann & Kay.
Ok. Jaywalker – check!. MDK – check! (finally!!) So am I now classified as a knitter? (what are the other patterns I have to knit? no, no clapotis. sorry. unless a friend hands me the yarn (plus some extra for ME) and requests it.) Anyway, if I already owned all of the knitting books I consider to be classics I would have pounced on this in a heart beat. I did pounce over to my library and place a request for the book and then had a very long lesson in patience. I really enjoyed reading the stories and the patterns are nice and fun and quite practical. I’d rather knit some dishrags that would be /used/ than a bag that would be re-gifted (ad nauseum) at first chance.. I love the idea of ragballs — and have a skirt I picked up at the thrift shop ages ago asking me to remember it. Ann, Kay, thank you for emailing each other and becoming friends.

In other news…
Does anyone know of easy (and low yarn amount) sweaters (besides BSJ) for baby boys? I want to make some shrugs and kimonos for girls, but don’t know of anything equivalent for boys. I want to make some gender neutral things as well so that I can easily just hand the gift over and not fret. I want something beyond all the garter stitch (bibs) I’m doing (though it does contrast nicely with lace). Don’t forget Smiley’s Manhattan sale starts NEXT Tuesday. Oh, I try not to put babies in the standard pastels. I also try to stay away from white and I like things machine washable. I will not put a boy in pink or purple unless the parents say to. I will put a girl in a blue though I try to add other colors or elements to it. *sigh* one day i’ll learn and not care.

OH!! Yes, Victorian Lace Today… E joked that if I was good perhaps the Tooth Fairy would bring it to me for Chanukkah this year (don’t ask). I’ve been DREAMING of this book since I looked through it. (BTW Carle Place B&N on Long Island has the most IMPRESSIVE knitting book selection I have seen in a ‘secular’ store. Or at least they had all (or darn close) of Debbie Bliss .. which was nice for comparison sake!)

Since this seems to be another mixed post, I think I’m going to make Jody’s Globe Trotter Socks for E. I will (gasp) swatch later today.

There is more. But I’ll try to save it for a more coherent post later.