wednesday’s stash enhancement

Do we see a trend here? I’m a day behind in all of my posts this week. Please bear with me. It’s been a busy and super productive and inspiring week. Lots of good things. Many good things. Actually the amount of good things is scaring me, what scary bad thing is lurking around the corner? (spit spit spit, bli ayin hara)

I ordered a 1lb cone of peaches & creme from knot another hat. Sarah is so professional and prompt and wonderful! I urge you to check out her shop (she also has a brick and mortar place in Hood River, OR). That’s all I will say from now so I don’t ruin the gift, but I’m really excited about this purchase. Sarah also stocks lavendersheep‘s yarn.. :)

(stop me if I’m mentioned any of this before.. or just skip on)

I placed a knitpicks right after Rhinebeck. I am in LOVE with the needles and yarn (shadow & essential) but still haven’t had the 30 seconds to rewrite the lace chart (for swallowtail) so that I don’t screw it up again. I’ve gotten better at a crochet caston, but still haven’t been able to unzip because I am a dork, so I end up cutting it off, again and again and again. Practice makes perfect right?

I need to try to whip up a small baby gift between now and class with 3 hours of various commitments tangled in between. We will see considering I have an estimate of 13 hours of work from earlier in the week I haven’t finished yet.

Ok, sock 2.2. I’ve made more progress. During one of the events I was at this week I knit. I finished the heel flap, turned the heel and started gussets. However there is a little problem. I thought I could make the pair out of one ball of regia. That seems not to be (unless it wasn’t a full ball of regia to begin with; I often have problems balling yarn and it might not have been full this sock pair has been in progress for so long, so who knows..) so I need to dig out the other ball and finish. I’m going to a breakfast meeting Friday morning so hopefully I’ll make a ton of progress then? I really want to get my hands on my other sock yarn in the stash… and my feet (even though it’s 70° out today) are cold.


(sorry for the horrid picture, bluetooth is much easier than finding where i put the camera cable this time so you are stuck with a indoor lighting camera phone pic.)

BSJ — I made a good deal of progress while E was driving on sunday, but I can’t find the other yarn I had bought for this project so I’ve stalled. Do you know where it is? [edit: @ 12:28pm I found it. we won’t tell E about the additional box of yarn i found…]

I haven’t had the time to rip the knucks. Sorry dear! We’ll see what Sunday brings.

Icarus seems to be a dream at the moment. It’s a good dream. :)

I haven’t looked at the spindle or fiber at all. I hope to soon. I keep thinking about it. It would make me very very happy.

Ok, back to the grindstone.

[and for my email problems? I migrating to full use of with some great plugins. I’ll try to write that up next week.]

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  1. Oooh! Stash enhancements are always good. It sounds like you have added some pretty cool things.

  2. I recommend that you use turkish cast-on instead of crochet. I think it’s much more easy and always use it when it comes to open cast-on.
    Here’s a really good tutorial:

    Happy knitting!

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