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It’s a bit embarrassing to me how many pictures the books I read this past week have. It was a nice change. They are all really good and enjoyable books.

Vegetable Soups : From Deborah Madison’s Kitchen by Deborah Madison. I learned of this book from somewhere, it is awesome. I thought it was Pink Haired Girl’s Food blog (but that’s of another book, A year in the Vegetarian Kitchen, which I wanted to take out last week but it was big and heavy and I didn’t want to carry it).
I look forward to making some items from it in the next few weeks and think that this will be one of the library books I purchase. :)

Healthy Gluten-Free Cooking by Darina Allen. Wow. wow wow. Finally a GF cookbook that doesn’t offer the standard dribble that most GF cookbooks I had previously bought or read do. For shabbos dinner I made the Autumn vegetable and rice soup (featured on page 49) and it was wonderful. I don’t follow the directions of any recipe exactly, and I was trying to half it as 8 servings were a bit two much for just E and I. Thus I didn’t include enough broth and it was more stew than soup, but it was still yummy. (I comment on this as some Amazon reviews complained about the cups/pints/medium directions…). I made gnocchi on Sunday but didn’t follow the recipe here. I think this is another purchase. There are many more recipes that look quite delicious and I look forward to making them.

The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton. I wish I knew why I had placed this on my NYPL hold list and thus took it out, but I enjoyed it. I really don’t know how to explain it (as I am not well versed in how to explain architecture) but I think the aim of the book is to look at how architecture and design affect us.

Alic Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting. Wow. I love the look of Fair Isle and would love to knit one, and this book has given me tons of ideas. Maybe in a year or two I’ll be able to take the plunge. I am attempting a small little bag with two colors following some of the peerie’s to make a mini bag for either my cell or iPod ((by the way I did find a 99¢ case at the 99¢ store for my iPod. It doesn’t fit exact but there is a screen cover which was mostly why my felt bag was not adequate. I do still want one that fits better (the bottom is sticking out about 1cm) but I feel much safer with the iPod in my bag now.)).

Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas By Melanie Falick. I took this out more because I didn’t succeed in MDK last week. Generally these books kinda of annoy me, but I was curious if I could find some small ideas for gifts that were beyond what I was currently making. I fell in love with the layout of the pages and the little additions (such as the knitting film festival on pages 21-23, hand massage on p 101, literature pp116-17, knitting gift basket ideas p149). The design of the book is wonderful. The patterns are quite nice and whimsical but not horrible (in my opinion). I think that I might one day cast on for argyle slippers (p28), diamond chair cushions (or any cushions. I need to fix out dining room chairs, and this is kind of a “d’oh” moment for me) (p32), the thought of thick armchair socks were also a good idea but those are for me (p112) (and I think that lavendersheep anticipated my desires with her new thicker yarn options), baby’s simple pullover & cardigan (p150), and some finger puppets (p160+).

Simple Socks Plain and Fancy by Priscilla A Gibson-Roberts. Ok, I will immediately be rereading this as I read it over shabbos and wouldn’t/couldn’t hold some knitting needles while reading it. The explanations of sock sizing and how to convert that to gauge and “stuff” is good. Yes, it probably appears in other books I’ve read, but I’m starting to think of E’s socks and am looking for ideas. I have 2 skeins of knit picks Essential in Black for E’s socks ((you didn’t know about my knitpicks order did you? I also picked up ONE pair of the size US 4 needles for the set. I love them so far. Pointy. Smooth. Nice. Maybe soon I’ll get the set. There were some other items ordered too, I’ll discuss them further in December. :))). He is a plain guy, but I’d like to add a little something to them. Any ideas?

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  1. Thank you! I am nothing if not an enabler =). As for E’s socks, you could try doing it in a rib pattern that would make the socks more interesting, but still simple. Try and get ahold of a copy of Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, there are a ton of ideas in there for every kind of sock pattern from simple to complex. I think it might be a solution.

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