a perfect day

Warning: picture heavy post!!

Today was a most perfect day. I woke up semi-easily and the weather was beautiful. I dressed, packed my camera, took PG and we headed off to the city.

Where were we heading? Here is a clue:

We went to the Central Park Zoo!!

And what did we see?

I have tons of video too .. I have to edit those before I post them; that takes much more time. I have some knitting to finish tonight. I filled up my half gig memory card after 45 minutes with the penguins. :)

We also saw this:

Next we walked EIGHT miles (such gorgeous weather) around manhattan. I bought a little bit of yarn (some grey bernat sox for mitten repair and 6 balls of faded demin sugar n’ cream from my favorite PS Yarns. I’m kicking myself for not buying a ball or two of pinks, but everyone is having boys, so why bother? ;)

When I got off the subway from my wonderful day I saw this:

But guess what? My wonderful day wasn’t over. When E got home from work he gave me this:

Isn’t it cute ? (He always wraps gifts quite creatively.)

Nibi likes the packaging..

PG and I think what is inside is quite nice too (besides nibi)..

So, why all this fuss? Twenty-seven years ago I made the most wonderful woman in the world a mother. I was a bit early (about 3 months, give or take; the due date was 06 Feb [E’s bday]) and small (1lb. 14.5oz & 12.75"). Happy Mother’s day Mum & Father’s day Dad! I love you!!

And finally this is my “new do” … I really like it.

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  1. I love the new ‘do’! Short hair is COOL. …And that sign on top kinda scared me at first… Zoo AND Cafeteria, huh?

  2. Happy Birthday! At least that’s what I think you meant =P

  3. Aw, sweetie…happy birthday! I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up better with your life — but I’m so glad it’s treating you well!

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