three quick little things

1) on wednesday i can pick up mason dixon knitting from my library. i’ve only had this on hold since it was published. ;)

2) the local-to-campus stationary store sells yarn. as in wool from scotland yarn. as in nice yarn. and needles. for not really really bad prices. i fear terribly for my wallet.

3) i always forget that snowflake (my 12″ ibook) weights about 5lbs (give or take) and that paper weighs more than air. today i rushed out of the flat to go meet E and thus took a huge canvas tote. it doesn’t have a shoulder strap. my hand freakin’ hurts. it’s been years since i had my bassoon-case-callouses, so it’s a feeling i haven’t had since high school when i bought a case cover with a shoulder strap. *sigh* I knew I should’ve held out and gotten the 12″ pbook. *sigh* oh well. live and learn (and get stronger) :) [at one time I could bench more than I weighed. I max’d at somewhere between 110-115lbs. I could do 100+ pushups (real ones) and think nothing of it. Today? sometimes a flight of stairs makes me wonder..]