cell woes

I switched my service from t-mobile to cingular. i ordered my new phone online and cingular said it would ship in 2-5 days. it shipped after a week (and with no updates in order status after the second day passed). it arrived last thursday. i plugged it in, followed all of the instructions and activated my phone. 6 hours later, still no active service. friday — no service. weekend.. nothing. this lunch-time i met E and we went to a store. i’ll pass on the kindness/rudeness of the people helping us.. it turns out that whoever set up my card and considered my account ‘active’ neglected to see what was entered for my smart card.. this information was wrong, once the sales rep fixed it, bingo! my phone works.

Thus far i am not very pleased with the level of customer service, but i am quite happy to have cellular signal on campus.

Two last things:
1) if I call you, E’s name will show up. I’m going to try to fix this. Doubt I’ll get it working. *sigh*
2) I have a cheap plan. It means no more texting (unless i want to pay a per-text fee)

unrelated) I’m trying a different shaitel today. I like it; it’s one I’ve had for a while but never wore because it wasn’t “right”. It is very different than how I’ve worn my hair in many many years (last time I had my hair this short I cried). I cut this one Friday morning and like it much better (I cut it so the nape is about 2″ instead of layered up to 5.5″). I bought it for $20 online, it’s synthetic but a different synthetic than I’ve dealt with before. Just now, it started slipping back (I’m eating lunch right now) and it’s very bizaare as I’m in the middle of the b-school cafeteria and i’ll just keep shifting the bangs over the hairline and go fix it later and look for better combs to sew in. *sigh*