2 down .. many to go

In that I finished 2 books this past week and have 18 still out and unread from various libraries [8 at NYPL, 6 at Columbia (+1 my MIL is borrowing), and 4 at BPL]. And that doesn’t count the books I own and haven’t read yet.. nor my reading list for this week. (groan)

Last night (instead of reading for class) I finished A Secret Atlas and Cartomancy by Michael A Stackpole. I love maps. I could go on and on about maps and topography and cartography and all the other bits and things I love about them (yes, even folding) but I’ll spare you. This series struck my fancy (and followed me home) at first only because of the titles; I was pulled in because of the detailed and well-thought out layers of writing. I enjoyed these two, but be warned.. there will be a third volume. It’s not out yet. :|

I do not think it is humanly possible for me to finish my socks before the end of the month. With luck I will finish the birthday surprise — I made massive progress yesterday.. I see the end (well, ends: I still have to do finishing). *sigh*