tools (a revisit)

I’ve been using google reader for the past bit. Today the reader team announced a bunch of bug fixes that definitely make me happy! I encourage you to check out this application if you haven’t. Also, I have been hearing lots of google (and firefox, open office, among other) bashing lately. No one has ever said that any of these projects are 1000% complete and perfect and will work with all the infinite software/hardware permutations out there. They are wonderful works in progress. Things might not work right, but do any of your applications? I’ve been impressed with the stability and features available and the communications between the companies (and developers/engineers) and the user.

I am liking my new cell phone .. I just wish I had working service! The interface is different than on my old phone but I am happy to report I figured out where the camera images are saved to! My only big complaint is that i can’t easily self portrait.

I finished my scarf today! I ran out of yarn about 3 inches before I wanted to but it’s ok.. i LOVE it. :) Pictures next Wednesday. I cast off while walking down 18th Street earlier today and immediately put it on. :)

Reminder: clocks change this weekend. Shabbos will start super early next week!

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  1. I use google reader also. I’m okay with using it. I like their tool bar feature that adds a page to the reader for you. I do wish there was an easier way to add to folders when first adding the feed. Google always has problems with folders. Even in gmail, no folders!

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