some knitting

This will be a quick post as I’ve already twice forgotten to save and closed the tab.


This is the absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, 3.5oz of sparkly beaded mohair hand spun from LavenderSheep (Yvonne).


Beauty no?

Anyway, I decided to make it a string of firsts..

Since this is my first “won” yarn, my first handspun (not /mine/ but..), my first beaded yarn…

I figured, why not make my first scarf? ((yes, I had made E one a year ago, but it really doesn’t count. He never wore it, I frogged it and along with the rest of the yarn I own like that (acrylic “homespun”) it will go to making animal blankets.))

So, I went to Stephanie’s site and looked at her one row handspun scarf ((what is also intresting is that this is yarn has a sibling up in toronto with Stephanie, see also here)) and said “self: this is possible”. And I cast on.


This yarn is gorgeous to work with. I’m loving it. I like how it feels. I love how it looks.

I now have about 6″ of scarf… a long ways still to go, but maybe it’ll be done before it’s really cold out. :) Thank you Yvonne!!! It’s beautiful. I hope one day to spin a quarter as well as you.

I will talk more about other knitting, crochet, and (gasp!) spinning later in the week.

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  1. I am so glad that you like the yarn and that it is knitting up nicely.

    As for your space dilemma earlier, Blair and I did things like eliminated our dining room so that I had a craft space, while we ate in front of our computers. Horrible sin I know, but we had more space that way =).

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