a book and a surprise review

I only finished one book this past week. I have MANY (too many) that I am currently reading (the sidebar may or may not be up-to-date). I finished this one probably only because it has pictures.

The Baby Knits Book: The Ultimate Collection of Knitwear Designs for Newborns to 3-Year-Olds by debbie bliss. (127pp)
I like Debbie Bliss’ style. It’s simple; it’s clean; I find the instructions easy to follow; I love the photography. All of these upcoming little ones are giving me pause. I knit really really slow. (I actually ripped back the BSJ today. *sigh* I only had knit 2 rows.) I need little things I can give to the baby-born while I work on generic gifts for everyone else. Plus I am inspired by the design. Looking through makes me get off my duff and knit a row or two; or clean an inch or two of my messes.

Ok, the surprise?

I don’t really talk about my former lives here. Yah, I’m only 26 years and 359 days but I did have other circles where I was very active and pretty intense (even though I was NOT talented).

Last year for the holidays mum gave E and I gift cards (long story, I don’t want to go into why. it’s just too complex. If you want I’ll sob it to you.) We took them to Rhinebeck thinking maybe I’d purchase my fibre with that. Well, they’re AmEx so there went that plan (not to mention that I had enough cash with me). So on the way home we stopped by a B&N and went in the music section.

I picked up this cd and fell in love. You see, I’m a bassoonist. I miss it terribly, but I was not talented (even though I had the chance to play some pretty cool places and with very nice people.) and my instrument definitely holds up to the “kindling” (or dying duck) stereotype. Anyway. I love this CD. It’s fun, it’s fresh. You can read and listen to a bit more about the ensemble, Imani Winds, here.