rhinebeck, first thoughts.

i am overwhelmed. more later but the quick version:

we left for upstate an hour late, still feeling really icky and tired.
we made good time.
we made a bee-line for the bathrooms.
it was cold everywhere.
we wandered around for a few hours.
i met nishanna (she saw PG first!) she didn’t look nearly as bewildered as i was.
i think i saw flat scout i think near the bosworths. (i hope she didn’t slip on the drool i left)
i think i had a harlot sighting, but my eyes were blurry at that point.
i didn’t get a map but need to quickly review this one to remember who i looked at.
we watched some pumpkin chuckin’.
i kept flip-flopping between vendors and finally bought a small ashford topwhorl spindle and 3oz of chocolate, raspberry, and eggplant roving. i didn’t get a chance to ask anyone how to use it. i just hope i grabbed the roving properly out of the bins. I wanted some grey/smoke but i didn’t take any.
i drooled over lots of sheep, alpaca, goat, bunny (you know the patient bunny i mean), and silk (esp the soy silk) but i had spent my budget (~$20 on spindle/roving; $20 admissions for E and I; $6 or so on tolls & we won’t talk about gas…) so we left.
we froze.

then we went and saw the beautiful home of a wonderful client & mentor of mine and finally met an amazing artist I’ve been working with.

All in all a great day. But I’m still overwhelmed, and I want to go back.

More later in the week. Especially when E uploads his photos. I think I took 2 all day.

PG slept the whole way home. Lucky penguin.

ps No, I did not knit the sweater I was wearing. It’s a $5 thrift store find. I was originally going to felt it, but it’s in perfect shape and I needed a nice hooded sweater, so it’s MINE.

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  1. I think you need(ed?) to lie down. But congrats on staying within budget!

  2. Boy are you ever self-controlled! Budget? Rhinebeck! The two are diametrically opposed!

  3. Sounds like you got the perfect stuff! Not sure how you managed to stay in budget with all the stuff that was there. ;)
    High Whorling by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts is a great book to get started with the spindling. Oh! There’s info here too: http://www.spindlicity.com

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