while i generally detest the tv for many reasons, i must admit i often enjoy watching.

first some background: While I was in jr high (’91-’93, yes i’m quite young, shuddup) mum and i would visit with a classmate and her family and i was forced to watch star trek (tng) [and eat some really bad food (i eschewed any garlic for many years)] each week. i’m sure i would have enjoyed it better and probably become as geeky as e if i watched it on my own at home (they *did* have a computer.. that was nice).. but because of the circumstances i didn’t enjoy it very much or at least have associated non-happy memories with it.

E is a big trek fan. I’ve been reconnecting over the past few years (partially in order to connect with my husband, partially because my geek-ness is slipping). Tonight (on g4) I had the chance to see the first two episode of TNG. :) it’s nice to finally “get” a few things, which I’m sure at once time I knew but had forgotten; and see some individuals as much younger — and wonder what my thoughts where then (uhm Wil is one such. *blush* E laughs at me. Sorry Wil!) and figure out my thoughts now **BLUSH**

anyway, this post came about because I decided to google LeVar Burton (I’ve read Wil’s blog for a while) and discovered that one of my favorite programs of all time is still on the air! Now to remember how to use the VCR so I can tape some episodes. [we do not own a tivo nor any other device which would let me time-shift my viewing.]

In other news: Hopefully in 12 hours we’ll be at Rhinebeck!! Yay!!!