and bingo …

Yah yah, I’m slow. I printed out my bingo card when Stitchy mailed it earlier this week and that was as far as I got.

If you are looking for me, it’s probably best to look down (I’m short) and look for PG.


She’s ready. I’m not. We’re aiming for a 10:02-10:03 arrival.

I have card “SUN-2”. If you are on my card, only pure chance will probably get us together.

I’m definitely preparing to be overwhelmed.

Also: I will have PG leashed to my bag. If you think it fun to take her and have her travel around Rhinebeck or elsewhere with you, be warned. I will not be amused. She’s my lil’ girl and we are not to be seperated. She has consented to this and E will be playing bodyguard as well.

ok to bed.