tools, food, and a question

I am feeling INCREDIBLY overwhelmed this week. In the bad way. The type where I want to curl up and sleep and wish the world away. Where I wish I still lived with my 12-year-old kitten, Cosette so we could curl up together.

Today I will review preview some tools. I will talk about some food that makes me happy. I will actually post a new site or two that I’m enjoying. I will try not to talk too much about knitting or Rhinebeck. I will ask a question or two.. if anyone would like to reply, feel free!

1. I’ve started reading my RSS feeds in Google Reader again. This new version has many improvements. I do have a few complaints but it could be because I still have yet to RTFM. When subscribing to a feed there is no way to set the “folder” (tag whatever you want to call it). I still want to set up multiple tags (or gmail labels) for my feeds.
2. E bought an iPaq, and it arrived today. It has GPS. The package has been here about two hours and I haven’t broken down and opened the box yet. :)
3. Go read Dave’s post (though warning he’s moving hosts this weekend so there might be some downtime on the link).
4. One can have any number of organization systems & calendars, but if you don’t USE IT it’s meaningless.

1. Glutenfree by the bay is a great new food-blog I’ve been reading.
2. Based on an email conversation with the writer of Gluten-Free, I ended up making Shepard’s Pie the other night. Here’s the recipe: (I’m bad at writing up instructions)
Penny’s lazy Shepard’s Pie (vegetarian, dairy)
mashed potatoes (I use the instant, with milk and margarine)
griller’s crumbles
mushroom gravy
frozen peas
Make potatoes. Heat up the soy-meat.. while doing this, quickly thaw the peas enough so that you can mix ’em up. Mix peas with meat and gravy. Pour into baking dish. Top with mashed potatoes. Bake until potato brown slightly.

What have you been always curious about Judaism but didn’t know who to ask. I’ll try to come up with an answer or find someone to have you ask.
Rosh Chodesh Mar Cheshvan is this Sunday and Monday.

Rhinebeck & Knitting
What, you thought I could get through a post without mentioning it?
Many thanks to Lara (who i spoiled for the tea swap), Yvonne, and Sara for their assistance with my Rhinebeck questions thus far. I’m going to look for a small Ashford top whorl spindle. I’m also going to look for some Romney roving as well. And I will find someone and beg them to teach me. :)

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  1. Thanks for the plug :) Mmm… Shepherd’s pie. I really do need to make some soon. Too bad those Grillers aren’t gluten-free. That’s ok, I’ll use real meat

    Have a wonderful shabbos

  2. Hope to see you Sunday – you’re on my Bingo card!

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