some pics

My pics from last night came out HORRENDOUS. I’ll post a link to E’s when he processes them.

These are the three pictures I thought were worth salvaging:

And here was sock a few minutes ago. I’m on the last row now — sock is minutes away from completion, which means I need to find a tapestry needle. Kitchener-time!! wheee!

Yes the cuff is horrid. I’m not frogging it. Not many people will often see it and it looks better than my other socks. Yes, that is one of version 1 on the other foot. While the weather is quite nice today, I want to wear handknit socks. So I shall.

It appears I lost a needle in addition to the stitch markers last night. It’s highly possible that it is somewhere in the flat or a bag of mine. I’m frustrated, but honestly quite impressed. This sock (2.1) has been frogged numerous times and has traveled to Nevada, Utah, and Tokyo. Plus numerous car trips and subway rides. I think it’s fitting I lost it somewhere in NYC. ;) I’ll probably pick up another pack of Brittany US 1.5’s today on my way to class. update 2:24pm I stood up to get a pair of scissors and a needle fell .. I think I count 5! yay!! I just saved some money! I knit so much easier with 5 dpns.