1) Tonight’s Futurama rerun is the penguin episode. Bender resets as a penguin. Lots of other issues as well. Penguin hunting season bothers me a lot though.

2) A week or two ago I finally donated some yarn to Hood River… well, here’s the result. Why do I feel so incredibly guilty? (see sarah’s entries on it here and here). Sarah — you are awesome — Yvonne — you are amazing — the middle schooler’s of Hood River, OR ? You are very lucky to have such special people living among you. :)

3) E is now a grad student too!!! YAY!!! His program starts sometime in early November. [now he’ll have homework too! mhwuah hah hah]

4) I’m working on drafting all the posts and things I haven’t done otherwise this week.

5) pictures from last night (E is much better a photographer than I)