maybe i like baseball after all

At 4:30pm yesterday E called me asking if I wanted to attend game 6. After querying to make sure it really was my husband I said yes. It’s not as if I have any deadlines to meet this week. (We won’t talk about them). I hopped in the shower, grabbed my sock, some cameras, a change of clothes for E and jumped on the subway. I met E at work and he went to change, the 40 minutes on the subway gave me a few more rows. I proved that I cannot count to 7.

We had a pretty uneventful commute to Shea. We spent more money than I care to admit on kosher food, and I sadly ate meat, but that was the most gluten-free option (essential at a public-restroom facility). PG came too but was sleepy so she stayed and snored in my bag. Lazy penguin. She could’ve stayed and kept Nibi company, poor hamster.

Anyway, Jose’s homerun and Maine’s wonderful performance on the mound gave me a nice backdrop to do quite a bit of knitting. Somewhere around the bottom of the 4th I started the toe.

I really don’t want to relate the horrendous commute home (just missed train after train; and the “next one after” never materialized). I’m still up because I cannot sustain myself on only *A* hot dog (and bun). So I made a salad and some tea. Once I finish the cup I’ll head to sleep. I can’t afford two really late nights this week.

The advantage to the long ride home is that there are 5 rows left on sock 2.1 (second pair, 1st sock). I think it is quite possible that I will finish it tomorrow and cast on for 2.2. With any luck I might actually find some time for the birthday surprise. Yay!!

The disadvantage to the adventure is I lost another stitch marker. But that’s why I buy jump rings by the 100s at the jewlery store and pick washers up off the sidewalk. I must loose between 3-5 a week. I do want to make these someday soon. I’m a computer scientist, it means I can’t count. ;)

So my conclusion is that baseball (and college graduations) are awesome places to knit.

[this is the second version of this post. my host timed out and ate my first one. I think the grammar is actually better this time around..]

If you made it this far, I’ll post pictures tomorrow. I don’t think any of them came out good, but we’ll see.

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  1. You’re a square on my RBB card! I have to warn you, I have a penguin phobia and I think Stitchy put you on my card cuz she knows! :) See you Sunday.

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