more knitting

No tool or travel post. I’m working on it, patience please.

Ok. All I talk about is Rhinebeck right? Well, it is this weekend and I’m eagerly anticipating visiting on Sunday. Thank you to everyone with their advice.

It has been requested that I share what I look like. Well, I’m short (5’1″). I really can’t describe myself and I hate how I photograph.

So, PG will step up to the plate.

I will probably be carrying the following:

[small bag, small budget, small penny]
Does that help?

Also, some sock progress has occurred since Sunday night (somehow). That’s all I can show. I really hope I can finish this one and start the next one before Sunday. And make progress on everything else on my todo list.

I’m really really exhausted today.. (that’s probably an understatement. I think I could sleep 18 more hours and still want more). It’s probably a combo of midterm recovery and the grey outside. May you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. You are on my card. I wll be looking for you and the boid.
    mrs hammer

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