how to torture me, part I (a knitting theme)

Some random facts:
Four babies due between next month and April (two come as a package).
One baby was born in june (BSJ was orig for him, but I think it’ll go to the one due next month).
June’s baby has two older (age 3 and 5) sisters who also need knits.
One nine month old (the ONLY girl born in the past year that I’m aware).
One 14 month old who just started walking who needs something yummy. (I think socks with skid-stop dots)
His mommy needs something nice too. I have the yarn earmarked for her already. I need a pattern.
As if all these kidlets weren’t enough..
M & MIL need holiday gifts. I’m thinking super simple lace shawls.
E has said he wouldn’t mind a knit. He said he’s wear “boy colored socks”.
One friend getting married in December.
Lots of housewarming gifts. Some of these people moved into their houses two years ago.
I still owe two graduation gifts.

I have to finish the birthday surprise (giftee’s birthday was two weeks ago). I want to finish at least jaywalker part I before Rhinebeck ((I spoke briefly with E, he said no wheels but a spinning lesson might be ok, and a bit more fibre)). I think it can happen.

I’m in grad school and I have a company I don’t want to have fail.

Where’s that @#($& timeturner???

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  1. oh… wow. Just forget about me! Save yourself!

    …and, just a nice set of bootees are always acceptable, especially if they’re handknit superwash merino ;D

  2. Well, you at least have a list and that is a good place to start. Personally I think hats are the easiest to knit and if you make them the right size they will be good until they are around 10, since heads don’t grow very much. When I was in college (undergrad) I could whip out a hat in a couple lecture classes while taking notes and getting good grades. It’s a thought anyway =)

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