kvetch # 314159

I <3 (heart) that many of the articles I need to write this midterm are available online through university eresources. It has definitely allowed for me to procrastinate. WHY oh WHY are the publishers such big p0o-p0o heads ((yes i know why [i learned that in my other class]. but i still want to call them p0o-p0o heads (hmm wonder what that will do to my search engine results?)) that they don’t let us have decently PDF’d ((people, many of these were published in the past 3 years, there is no excuse for a crooked image-PDF)) AND OCR’d copies of the articles ((at the very least, if you are giving me the HTML copy (so I can copy and paste quotes without screwing up too badly), to employ the legal-world’s use of **’s to designate different pages (especially among various editions)? Is that really too much to ask?))? I would be soo much happier and nicer right now. I have about 1900 words of a midterm of unknown length. Only about 500 1500 of which have currently been edited into some semblance of coherency (unlike this post). And that hasn’t included any analysis of my data. It’s going to be a very long night.

In asking Nibi her opinion of antelope, ((yes, it is relevant, I expect the MLS’ers to get it)) she jumped into my sugar-nosh bowl and went to town on the crumbs before we succeeded in picking her up. She’s now bouncing around the cage. At least I’m awake anyway. I feel a bit badly for E. (updated at 11:35pm sun 15 oct)