two more tools

I’ll quick post two more tools today.

1) it is a social bookmark program (there are others, i’m trying to keep it simple) and if you actually go to the penguingirl page (as opposed to reading it in a feed reader as i do) on the lower right of the rightmost column there are three recent links to my feed under the header, Recent Links of Interest. Now, what is a social bookmarking program? It’s part of the whole hyped Web2.0. Am I talking geek? Here’s my way of explaining it: it’s a web-based service that will track your bookmarks. It’s web-based which means you can access it anywhere with a ‘Net connection. Your bookmarks are no longer tied to your web-browser. You can add short comments. You can add tags ((for the record, 003MEN is my internal designation for one of my clients. It makes sense to me.)) (also known categories). You can view what others in your friends/network are “tagging” or what the rest of anyone-who-uses-delicious is tagging. A more proper explanation can be found here.

2) When I need to focus and get my school (or any other) reading done (and I’m at home) I take a bath. It minimizes distractions and I get a nice warm soak out of it. Thus far (26 years and counting) I’ve not dropped a book in, but it does make taking notes a bit problematic. I’ve been eyeing various water-notebooks (used by scuba divers and other outdoor/rain types) for years. We’ll see.