tea swap package; no knitting, but some org

I was completely and fully spoiled by Debi who is awesome. [I should write up a tutorial on how to take blurry shakey images, I’m a pro!]

Ok. Tea: a nice mug with a lid and a strainer-thingee (ok it’s late, be kind to my poor brain), black currant (which E is all excited about, I think I have to start hiding TEA as well as yarn stash), a yummy green tea sampler, and some great Numi.
Yummies: Gluten-free cholov yisrael “kit-kats” (i’m currently allotting myself one a day), Dagoba, roseberry (E ate most of it, but I got some today), Scharffen Berger, Mocha Pure Dark Chocolate (we’re trying to be good and hold off).
and then…
YARN! two skeins of yummy plymouth yarns suri merino !! and I actually now own some Noro — Shinano. I see a hat in my future.

Thank you Debi!

Ok. So it’s chol hamoed so there’s no knitting. Opinions differ, I’m disorganized so I use it to kick my butt for organization. I’ve started an inventory page to keep track of what I have. I know the CSS is horrid — I’ll clean that up eventually. I also sent a small box of stash off to Yvonne and Sarah today. I cleared up a small bit of space. :) Which is good because Rhinebeck is coming!!

And to distract you, some pictures of Nibi ! She tried to help us clean her cage this week, it was pretty funny. She had no desire to escape from her cage and she kept trying to get E to leave her dirty litter so she could burrow.

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  1. I’m so jealous that you get to go to Rhinebeck. It sounds like so much fun! There are so many awesome people that are going to be there! It should be awesome =)

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