I promise this blog will not document my illnesses. Oy, I could tell stories if I wanted to. Trust me. E is now sick (I swear i was told I wasn’t contagious!) and I’m sitting here grumbling about the intense pain (which first started shortly after I laid down to sleep Yom Kippur night) in the right side of my face. I’m wondering if my claws nails are long & sharp enough to either tear out my teeth or my sinuses. I’m wondering if i should get off my bum and put the heat thing back in the microwave. In any case, I start googling. Joyous. I love the results I find: one, two [oh dear], three, four, five [arg]. Please don’t forget about spoon theory it applies to Lupus (which Christina has) and many many other things.

Ok. this is a topic i haven’t much spoken about here recently (i think i marked all those previous posts private.) by and large i manage. by and large i often forget. by and large i don’t want to admit it, and worry about what it could do for E and how most people equate it so easily with “silliness” or “weakness” and how they believe that people like me are really just depressed and should get married real quick and immediately have lots of children. bam, problem solved. er NO!! life doesn’t quite work that way. i will manage. i’m quite functional by-and-large. i will do my best not to complain here.

Carry on.

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  1. Have you noticed that, no matter what the medical condition is, the cure for a woman is to get pregnant? Victorian sensibilities are alive and well, it seems.

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