sick, soup, socks, and sewing

Yesterday I went to my doctor because I was worried that it wasn’t just my sinuses and she is near to my dentist who I was also scheduled to see. She just gave me some zyrtec and biaxin (I love the metallic taste in my mouth) and sent me on my way saying I was pretty healthy. Just once I want a doc to give me some of the special cough syrup all my friends get. I have spent half the day coughing and continue to try to battle it and drink as many liquids as I can. My dentist took xrays because of my complaint about how the sinus attack affected my teeth, we agreed my wisdom teeth have moved a little but it’s mostly the sinus pressure causing the pain which makes it feel that half of my face is on fire and momentarily about to explode. Not fun.

This post isn’t all about being sick. I thank everyone for their soup offers, and well wishes. I’m just not used to being sick (and staying home). If in this post there are stupid grammatical errors (such as it’s instead of its or the reverse) please forgive me. I’ve tried to catch them all.

The worst part of being “grown up” is that when you are sick you often have to clean up the toilet yourself (no, I haven’t puked though some of the coughing made me wish I were doing that instead). If you have never seen me have a coughing fit, you wouldn’t understand. Basically we have to wait until I stop because I get almost to the point of I guess hyperventilating. It’s pretty scary. I almost wandered into the hallway yesterday afternoon because I was worried I’d pass out and I’d rather someone find me somewhat sooner than the amount of time I’d have to wait for E to come home from work.

So anyway, I’m making some super lazy matzoh ball soup for dinner tonight. I’ve just eaten some pretzels and some yogurt today. Not much. I drank almost a whole liter of ginger ale and a ton of tea. Soup makes everything better. :)

So, it’s October, and that means Socktoberfest. Lolly posted some questions and I’ll answer them then post my jaywalker progress. I waited an hour to see my doc yesterday then was 15 minutes early for the dentist (who saw me 5 minutes early) so I did a bunch of knitting. None today.

  1. When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class?
    I finished my first pair of socks this past May. I taught myself both to knit and crochet. My mum tried to teach me ages ago but for many reasons it didn’t work out.

  2. What was your first pair? How have they “held up” over time?
    My first pair was a generic cuff-down pair from Ann Budd’s wonderful pattern book in Bernat sox in color 40713 Hot Tamale (a color combo I don’t really care for, I don’t know what I was thinking). They have mostly held up. There are some huge holes in the gusset and I uhm *blush* haven’t washed ’em yet, but they were finished in MAY. While I’m always cold, wearing wool socks this summer was too much for me.

  3. What would you have done differently?
    I don’t like the toe. Or the colour, but otherwise I think they were a wonderful start.

  4. What yarns have you particularly enjoyed?
    I haven’t used many (the Bernat sox, I’m currently using Regia). I can’t wait to knit of what Yvonne dyed for me…

  5. Do you like to crochet your socks? or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method?
    I like lots of dpn’s. I like (as does Gumperina) the Susan Bates set. But I’m warming to Brittany’s. I just wish they were a little more pointier.

  6. Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? or short-row?)
    I’ve only done flap. My next pair will attemp a short row.

  7. How many pairs have you made?
    I’ve only finished one pair, and have been working on this jaywalker for ages.

Here is the jaywalker progress. I have four more rows until I stop decreasing. I’m determined somehow to finish this sock and the mate and cast on Yvonne’s yarn by the end of october. Which is ambitious as Sukkos gives me a week of no knitting. *sigh*

So, what about this sewing? Well, I discovered this beautiful fabric [photopress:pre_circles.jpg,thumb,alignright] at Stiches on Coney Island (I think it’s called) as I was wandering by and thought that Roxy Yarns might actually be /open/. (they weren’t). There were all these “fat quarters” (i think they are) and one screamed Yvonne and the others will work for a few others, including my tea swap pal. Anyway, I bought it, not quite sure what I would do with it.

The next day (or so) I saw this pattern from the Purl Soho blog. Eureka!! I was still scared to take scissors to the fabric and start sewing, but well, I figured what the heck, I’ll try. [photopress:crappysewingmachine.jpg,thumb,alignright] Why so much stress ? Well, I have a $10 sewing machine. I also have a nice Singer Featherweight, but my mother is cursed with sewing machines. She looks at them and they break. Her Singer is one of the “special” models with which the bobbin thread wraps along the bobbin and doesn’t work proper. It’s currently in pieces in its original box in our closet. E and I tried to fix it a few years ago and then couldn’t put it back together. As i /hate/ hand sewing with a passion, I purchased this $10 thing. You know what? It isn’t /that/ bad. I would love a proper machine, but right now? I have no place for it. It will have to wait for us to move. Oh well.

This is the (almost) finished product for my teaswap pal. I have to cut the hole for Yvonne’s and buy proper cording for both. Then work on some others for S and S and perhaps also for me. It took about 2 hours from first pressing of fabric (E will be so proud of me) to finishing. But I was trying to do two at the same time. My circles are a bit drunk but I hope the imperfections can be overlooked. I have never had formal training in any of this outside of 7th grade home-ec. [photopress:finishedcirclebagsockpal.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

And if you are curious what the back of my head looks like? I recently purchased this tichel which has snood properties and I like it. [photopress:snood_tichel.jpg,thumb,alignright] It is QUITE difficult to take a picture of the back of your own head!!

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  1. Oooh! Looks pretty awesome! I started out with one of the mini sewing machines, but they kinda scared me. I finally ended up getting a Kenmore that’s 3/4 size. It’s small, but it does everything a full size one does. I just love it.

    Feel better and make sure to rest!

  2. OOOOH! Cool tichel! Now I want one, or to make one… Where’d you get it?

    That is a cute sewing machine, shame it’s giving you trouble! Make sure to eat tons of matzoh ball soup tonight, and feel better ^_^

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