not much knitting

I haven’t done much knitting.. a two day weekend yontif will do that to you. i have been working on a garterlac washrag as my carryalong project and i just keep ripping out this one triangle. I just can’t count or remember to skp. well, it’s definitely keeping me occupied. I have cast on for the mystery gift. the first part (that i thought would be hard) was really easy, and i planned ahead so i hopefully will finish it in a timely manner. the next part is proving a bit more difficult as I just can’t count. I have cast on for the BSJ, I have completed a row and a half. And it sits. Missing me. Sock? Sock has just sat. Sock is mad at me because I ignore it. Sock shall probably wait for October and hope I can do well for Socktoberfest.

I picked up some tea and yummies today for my tea swap pal. Tomorrow I go on hunt for her yarn, then one last bit of tea and I’m going to have a massive post office party on Friday. Why? Well, someone‘s birthday is coming up, I have the KTS to mail out, I have a large stash of yarn to mail off to OR, and my new pbook battery came today! [talk about fast service, they had said 4-6 weeks!] (so I have to mail back the old one)

This afternoon I boiled our our tea pot dry. How? I’m talented, no really! E doesn’t like the whistle so we took that part off years ago. The bottom sealant oozed out and stunk like anything. I knew I should have brought my Mrs TeaPot back from mum’s when I saw her last.

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  1. well, if E was the one who suggested the removal of the whistle, then he shouldn’t complain ;P

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