it’s wednesday

you know what that means… lots of runons! oh, wait, no… knitting and crochet!

Ok. Hmm.. where to start. I’m still kinda “high” from Saturday night. We NEVER go out on a Saturday night (or any other night) so I was kinda excited. PG was absolutely star struck. She is still talking about how clumsy she felt and how she dropped all those stitches and on and on and on. I kept explaining to her that Stephanie is a real person. She’s a mum who knits, is hilarious, and writes nice books that help me out and keep me sane. So I told PG about some of the things I did when I was younger, musicians I had played with (and a few I didn’t play with, but I know THEIR mum’s). Now she’s scared of me. Geez, I wasn’t very good at all. For me it was really cool. I’ve been hanging out on the fringes of various groups for a while and decided I felt enough warmth from the knitting community to jump in and see what’s really going on. I’ve lurked on some blogs for YEARS, stopped reading them for a bit, then “refound” them and others. Yah yah, knitting keeps me sane, but otherwise I’d be signing or playing an instrument. I have to do something with my hands or else I go nuts. Blame all the keys on a bassoon. Ok?

First first. To DEstash, send a package over to Hood River, OR for their middle school knitting club. Details are at lavendersheep’s blog. “due” date is by Sunday, 15 October. I’m going to try to get my lot out there this week.

To REstash, please take away all forms of paying money that I possess. I need to start on some b-day presents, and I know washcloths won’t do so I came home with three balls of Rowan wool cotton, spending much more than I wanted to. That’s all I’ll say for now. Tomorrow on my way to Borders to pick up my last coursebook (hopefully) I’ll swing by Seaport to pick up Brittany needles in the correct size .. I possess dpn’s of various types in 000-3, and 8.

Let’s talk Fetching for a bit, shall we? I really enjoyed this project. It was pretty quick (compared to the socks I’ve been knitting).[photopress:finishedfetchingmum.jpg,thumb,alignright]
Project: Fetching from Knitty Summer ’06
Yarn: Berroco Softwist in a deep jewel turquoise.
Needles: bryspun dpn’s US 8 Brittany 5″ dpn’s, US 8
Changes: None intentional that I am aware of. I’m sure there are miscounts, missed ribs, who knows what.
Time: first cast on 17 July 2006, project languished after 20 July 2006. Both reknit 10-17 September, 2006.

I think mum likes them. Hopefully by next summer I’ll be able to knit her something she requests. (HAH HAH HAH)

Speaking of socks, Socktoberfest!. Maybe I’ll finish a jaywalker or two and then get to start on lavendarsheep’s yummy yarn?

Lastly, this is something I’m crocheting (gasp) with some of the stash that I liberated from mum’s house on Sunday. I’m not quite sure what it is or will be. So far I’m not happy with how the colors are changing. we’ll see.

My crochet cotton stash currently looks like this. I need to organize it and resist the temptation to buy some more in better colors.

The current state of icarus.
Yes, I had to frog because of my discovery about my twisted stitches. I am very sad. But she will be recast. She will!

Last question, which is a bit odd. I have a bag obsession (though not as badly as afflicts my mum). Yarn geek is making me a beautiful bag, but I miss an old one I had. I had one of the “original” L L Bean book bags [ok, i have three. the original (small) size, the deluxe (which is still too “big” for me), and a leather bottom shoulder bag)[photopress:llbeanbag.jpg,thumb,alignright]. With the flat handle on top and the full zip pouch pocket (not like how they are now) in black. My first one was stolen so we replaced it and I ended up with a loop handle on top and after college I gave it away. A friend gave me his sister’s old one, but the inside shed, and I worry that in my many moves I gave that way away too (I’m STUPID). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had one of these and would be willing to trade me for it. In an ideal world I’d find the backpack equivalent to my shoulder bag, as seen here (circa 1991), but that would be asking too much. Sometimes I have need for a back pack. If anyone thinks they can help out, please send pictures.