Take the “A” Train…

Late one night last week after class, a new train pulled into Columbus Circle and I had the chance to ride it all the way to Jay Street. Some additional information info about the new trains can be found at Gothamist, here and ; NYT article (well, bits of it, since it’s now “old”) can be found here.

I really like the the R160’s FIND system. It’s really nice and easily answers the “how many more stops” question.

I really hope they roll on the F soon. :)

It does make riding the old cruddy R32s or whatever they are really frustrating. I’m a really bad train geek aren’t I? I *LOVE* riding on trains, but couldn’t tell you any of the super geeky details. *sigh*

*I take the A to Brooklyn, but I can tell you it is one of the fastest ways from Harlem (or Washington Heights where I lived for a few weeks) to mid-town and vice-versa.