It actually worked out. I saw Stephanie tonight! I feel badly for her, it seems she was stuck in traffic on Canal Street so she didn’t get there until a bit before I did. Let’s see, she was scheduled to start at 7:30, shabbos supposedly ended at 7:47, but it didn’t seem dark enough so we waited until 7:57. I jumped out of the car in front of B&N at about 8:18 convinced that through some bizarre time warp she had already finished and left … I was a bit stressed.

But that all disappeared when I got there.

It was wonderful. I met some wonderful knitters as well.

PG enjoyed it greatly. [photopress:stephanie_pg_socks.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

Do you think I can complete mum’s birthday present (she turns 67 on Monday) (Knitty Fetching) by tomorrow? [photopress:fetching_progress130906.jpg,thumb,alignright]I have to finish the last cable run and the picot bindoff then pick up and do both thumbs and weave in a few ends. But there is a slight delay as it’s taking just slightly more than one skein. And I have to wind up the second skein. Do you like my bike-swift? [photopress:bikeswift.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

And when we got home, THIS was waiting in the mailbox. Thank you LavendarSheep!! It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Must. Resist. Casting on tonight!! [photopress:pg_lavendarsheepyarn.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

More later. Selichos (proper post on that later or tomorrow) start after midnight and I have a lot of knitting to do before we go to see mum tomorrow.

Edit what happens when you teach a penguin to knit (see pic above)? She never wants to stop and keeps asking you questions such as what does k2tog mean and which way does an ssk go again? Anyway, in honor of stephanie she started knitting the snowdrop shawl (pdf) with some of my sock yarn. I need to rework the pattern a bit so it’ll fit the wee little girl, but soon she’ll have a shawl. I think, if she finishes it and doesn’t ask me to do so. I do hope that when she learns to knit socks she does it on 2 circs as i think i’ll go nuts with dpn’s that small going loose around the house. Nibi might think they’re lunch!

Oh, and E who is the MOST WONDERFUL HUSBAND IN THE WORLD, did comment on our return home and my glee on getting lavendarsheep’s beautiful yarn that if I ever, ever, EVER complain about his “hobbies” (coding for hours straight, photography) I cannot complain, as he will throw yarn no, wait needles, pointy side first! at me. I’m there buster. I must say that I accepted the photography years ago, it’s the coding i have issues with, mostly b/c it makes my eyes hurt and I don’t enjoy it anymore (which is why i’m back at school for something else.)

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  1. I’m so glad that it arrived safe and that you like it! Yay! I hope it knits up very nicely too =)

  2. It was so nice meeting you at B&N tonight! We’re hoping ot maybe move to Brooklyn in the near (okay maybe next year) future, maybe we can hang out? Good luck with the sock!

    — Lysa

  3. The Harlot and PG!! Too cool :D And, of course you can finish on time!

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