It’s something we never have enough of.

With my recent return to school I realized that my time management skills are not what I thought they were. The estimates I give on how long I expect a task to take end up being off by a large factor, in either direction. Which is not good for me or my clients.

My friend, the creative and wonderful Dave, recently released a new edition to his wonderful PCEO series. I’ve been playing with it to see if the work flow works for me or if I need to continue working on something else.

Overall it’s a bit fun, I think a larger layout would work better for me (i.e. 11×17, then folded in half for transport) but I don’t think I have the ability to print that size at home. I’m a sucker for color, that’s for sure (now that our printer [canon pixma i4000] has been fed $70 worth of ink; of course all of it had to go at once, no?). I really can’t say much more at this point as I’m at the library and realized I left that sheet at home along with snowflake’s power cable. Darn, they would be quite useful right now. Don’t worry though, I have schlepped my full collection of other notebooks plus my laptop in the rain to campus. ;)

Stay tuned for next week when I hopefully have some insights on Dave’s newest release. In the meantime, can someone invent a way to make my days longer? Please?

in the my brain fell asleep department: i really need that time machine. the new year starts in 8 days and mum’s birthday is on monday.