understanding, progress.. and public

After my confessions last week, I started slowly swatching. I’m not going to share those photos as I can’t get a photo that I like and isn’t blurred. I’ve been reviewing my copy of The Vogue Knitting Reference, a gift from my in-laws last year. I believe now that I’m (continental) knitting the knit stitches wrong (back instead of front loop) and then when purling that all gets twisted. I have noticed that I knit faster when I do it the “proper” way.

Progress. Do you want progress? If you’ve been playing along since my old site, you might remember that way back in July, while E was in London, I went out to help mum organize her stuff. She has loads and loads of stuff. I threw away (and recycled) lots of it. She takes care of a wonderful young man, F, and in the summertime has to sit in a room with him that is just a few degrees above freezing. She kept complaining about the cold. So what did this dutiful young knitter do?

I was at Seaport and wandered into the sale room and found some Berocco Softwist™ for about half price. A beautiful jewel turquoise which I knew she’d like. I recently had fallen in love with Knitty’s Fetching which made sense as her arthritis often makes her fingers quite swollen so I wasn’t sure she could get them into proper gloves. With hours until I was to see her, I cast on with some Bryspun needles. Disaster struck. I’m sure the Bryspuns are awesome, I do like them and own a second set, but in this case it just did not work for me and this yarn. I finished the first one on the train out to see her, but my tension got all wonky and they needles were too slippery which made cables very difficult. They sat unfinished.

Earlier this month I returned to Seaport and picked up more softwist (I have a curse with Berocco) in a beautiful navy and a set of Brittany needles. [photopress:fetching_progress130906.jpg,thumb,alignright] These needles are perfect for me, especially once I realized that one side is pointier than the other (more pronounced on my sock needles). Sunday, while E drove to Pennsylvania, I cast on for #2 with the intention of then frogging #1 and reknitting it. I think that I have made some nice progress and that it looks considerably better. I also believe I can knit the entire pair out of one twist.

The following question remains unanswered, what can I do with 4 skeins of my beautiful navy? When I was at Seaport last week looking for either The Knitting Workshop or The Opinionated Knitter (more on that in a week or two, I love it!) I looked back to see what was left and there were 7 or so skeins of a gorgeous purple (which would be perfect, but I cannot buy it until I knit up more of my stash). Do you think I can make a simple shrug with 4 skeins of navy? Should I try for a mini lace-ish shawl? I also have 1 skein of ash which I think will be made into a scarf or a snood. I wish it were a darker color. Maybe I’ll save it for a swap. :)

I wind my yarn either by hand or with a noste which mum’s partner A [who is making wonderful progress since he’s been released from the hospital and turned 70 on saturday] made for me while I was out in July. We took an old broom handle, cut it up and sanded a slight taper to one end. He kept apologizing that he didn’t have a proper lathe and I explained to him that it was probably a good thing because if he did I’d be there every day playing. [My father was a small contractor, I grew up with power tools. I kicked butt when I took shop and was the only 7th grader allowed to use certain tools (i forget what at this point, probably the drill press). I go to Home Depot and “get high” on the saw dust. Daddy, I miss you.]. Anyway, I’m now in the market for an umbrella swift as my current method involving my toes, my ears, and PG isn’t quite cutting it. Does anyone know of any published for purchase plans so I can build my own? I would prefer a wood one as I think they are much prettier than the metal ones I’ve “seen” online. I’m also looking for a real ball winder. I finally saw one in use when I was at purl last week and the resultant balls look much nicer than what I produce. I don’t have a spare drill nor will E let me use his precious blender, any other ideas?

Ok, buried down here at the bottom, I’m going to Rhinebeck my first “free” weekend in October. The exciting thing is that I could theoretically drive most of the way (excluding bridges and tunnels, by state law). I went to MDSWF and was totally overwhelmed. So what am I trying to do at Rhinebeck?

I’ve signed up to both play AND a square. [Currently not sure if I’ve been accepted] Well, it’s no stretch of imagination for me to be square. My first instrumental (excluding piano) music teacher called me square many many times. Why is this a big deal? I’m incredibly shy, I hate crowds, and I will have E with me. He’ll probably be taking pictures of sheep, so he should be occupied and out of my shaitel. I’m also such a knitting knoob I’m embarrassed and intimidated by most of you. Who am I to put a square on the board or even approach you? I’m going to learn. I have some roving and a bottom whorl which I purchased from The Yarn Tree during that same July spending spree which gave birth to mum’s gift. I don’t know if I’ll really ever spin, but it seems to be relaxing. My budget will be quite small so I have no idea what I’m going to purchase if anything. Can one buy experience? We’ll see. For all I know I’ll just curl up in a ball at the corner of the fair grounds…

Yvonne dyed a skein of yarn especially for me. I’m incredibly excited and can’t wait for it to arrive, do you think i can knit 4 socks simultaneously? (I should really FINISH the jaywalkers first) Her dying is beautiful!

Knit Out Crochet Too NYC is this coming week-end but I’m unsure if I’ll be there or up to KnittyCity to see YarnHarlot. It’s the last open weekend before holiday season opens and mum’s 67th birthday is 18 Sept. :| Maybe I could go to North Fork Stitches to make up for it… er no, she’s closed Sundays. *sigh*