learning calendars…

In keeping with my theme this week, I want to talk a bit about jewish learning and some pre-made schedules for learning.

By learning, I mean jewish learning, not scholarly school type learning. I’m not going to explain why, mostly because everything I write about it today sounds wrong. I’m being less eloquent than usual (I didn’t know that was possible).

There are many websites devoted to learning, just go to google .. it’s easier. Plus they probably give a much better explanation than I am at the moment. I sound like a blubbering idiot. *sigh*

My favorites can be found at Yomi Calendars (5767 isn’t up yet). I like this site as it helps me to ensure that not only will I learn the entire Torah in a year, but I’ll cover the entire Tanach, yes I could devise a schedule myself but I tend to be much more “eyes bigger than stomach” in scheduling myself. I do fall “off the bandwagon” often, but I would like (bli neder, iy’h) to get through it this coming year. It’s a weekly “assignment” and I think it is entirely do-able. I also plan to work some more on Shemiras ha’Lashon.

I will be putting some of these learning “schedules” into an ical/google calendar file. If you are interested in access please let me know.