about the knitting

I’ve been swatching. If I can borrow E’s camera and take macro-ish shots I will. (I have been clamoring for a macro adapter since I bought my S1).

Here’s what I think.

For once I’m not wrong.

I’ve been knitting “right” or at least the stitches match every picture in all my books.

When knitting in the round.

When I knit flat I think I twist one of the stitches. I’m not sure.

Lastly, I’m running back to Purl on my way to campus and picking up EZ’s The Opinionated Knitter. I was looking for The Knitting Workshop, but after looking at TOK and thinking about it, I think that this will be a better long term purchase.

I hope to have my tool & food post up shortly. Then loads of work to get done.

Update on A.. He had another stent put in yesterday and spent the night at LIJ. The artery was 80% blocked, no wonder he wasn’t feeling so well! I think he is coming home today.

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  1. You could be wrapping the wrong way either while you are knitting or when you are purling. The interesting thing is that if you are wrapping wrong while knitting it won’t show up in the round because it’s all wrapped the wrong way. Something I learned a couple of years ago myself.

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