no knit

It fits with my week thus far…

I realized today while reviewing how to SSK, that I have been knitting wrong for years. At least I now have an explanation as to why my stitches don’t quite look “right”. Sure, I *could* go ask someone but for many reasons I won’t.

This is embarrassing.

I admit now that I’ve been knitting in the back of every loop… and purling in the front. I’ve been doing this for the past well, ever. My mom taught me when I was little and she knits and crochets VERY tight so I think I came up with this because it’s looser.

Well, now I know why things don’t look right. I’m going to finish the first jaywalker properly and then knit the second and hope that there isn’t too big a difference visually from a difference. I have some other sock yarn so I’ll just cast on for the next pair and hopefully they’ll come out better. I do know that I’ll be ripping what was knit of M’s son’s baby sweater and reworking it. I’m looking for EZ’s Knitting Workshop tomorrow (hopefully someone in NYC has…). I guess I’m happy I discovered this now before I tried sending something “important” to someone (all I’ve sent out are felted items and garterlac)

PG is modeling the latest in frog-worthy creations by Penny…


No word today on how A is doing, things weren’t looking so good when I last spoke to mum…

update 12:12am .. ok. i was planning on being in bed hours ago, but E is still on the phone. poor boy. anyway, franklin is genius (in general, but definitely) for this. ;) A quick update on A is that he’s breathing better but that’s about all. He’s going to a different hospital in four hours to see a special cardiologist. I’m off to bed. I hope E doesn’t have to stay up too much later.

update #2 at an early hour .. i forgot to add this earlier, i’ve signed up for Knitters Tea Swap2

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