all mercedes lackey, all the time.

I’m in big trouble now.

Three Mercedes Lackey books this shabbos. Then in the bath last night I started a fourth. *sigh*

Completed (all books by Mercedes Lackey):
Alta (448 pages) and Sanctuary (432 pages), the second and third books in the Joust series respectively. Amazing. Dragons!! Magic!! Understanding of differences!! But there is a slight problem. The fourth, Aerie, isn’t to be published until 03 October! AAAHHH!!!

I also read The Fire Rose (448 pages). This was amazing. There is a slight problem here as well. One of my writing exercises suggested that I should take a fairy tale I know well and rewrite it. In high school French class we watched more Beauty and the Beast (in English, the Disney version) than should be legal. (now do you see why I should read Harry Potter in French? (which has stalled b/c of all this Lackey)). I had preliminary chosen this story to rewrite. I wanted “beauty” to be addicted to books, not so beautiful outside, but sweet and good inside. Well, Misty Lackey has knocked my socks off with an amazing book which I ate shabbos afternoon. So now I’m looking around for another fairy tale to rewrite. Hmm..

While I no longer need to keep track of book totals, I have read 3 books and 1328 pages this month.

To further fulfill my Lackey needs until I can pick up Bedlams Bard, Sun in Glory, Owlknight (which are waiting for me at the library) and find Owlsight (it’s missing), I’m reading a stash book which I should’ve used for Kat’s SRP ’06, The Shadow Of The Lion.

One of these days I’ll stop being lazy and actually post my books links so I can get Amazon credit if you want to click that way. In any case, if you click through to my library page, then go to the book you desire to purchase, and then click on the “Amazon page here”, you can contribute to my book addictions yourself. Later I’ll explain the reason my associate tag is “undersleep”. Thank you.

Update: (12:12am) I’ve noticed some funkiness with how the library is displaying. I’m sorry, plase try using this link instead of the one on the top navigation bar. I’ll look into it and fix it shortly.

Update: (12:14am) Ok, work around is in place. It’s ugly, but my entire site is. One day I would like to incorporate differences between books I want, have read, were library books, and own but are unread.

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  1. ack! must. resist. urge. Lackey = addictive.

    and may your mummy’s partner heal up soon!

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