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Today’s tool & foodie item is quite nice, though one does not need to purchase it premade as I have. I love fresh spices. I love basil and dill with a passion. I attempted recently to grow basil. It did well for a couple of weeks, and I woke one morning to find someone else who probably has many more legs, eyes, and antennae that I or E do thought it was very tasty (this was in the pre-nibbler days). I threw it out, if I had a compost heap it would’ve gone there. *sigh* I miss having my own space outside of the four walls of my home.

Frozen spices, cubed in known portions so you don’t have to think too hard when adding them. ;)

an article I googled which describes a bit how they work. (mine are sabra brand and one cube = 1 tsp)

They aren’t difficult to make on your own, and I’ve done it in the past, and it was exciting for me to see that the local kosher market carried some already made (I didn’t have to stress as much about bugs either). Following are some links I googled tonight on freezing spices.

how to preserve spices
Kalyn’s how to freese basil
I’m sure there are more and will probably add some in the morning. I will assume that Real Simple published something on the topic but I haven’t gone looking.

I sometimes hate to admit that I love the convenience of pre-shredded cheese, baby carrots, cole-slaw mix (shredded cabbage & carrot), and frozen spices. Sometimes I feel that it’s not “authentic” and while my mum didn’t always have this type of thing available she now uses most of these! Actually she uses the microwave a ton. We don’t. I use it only for keeping bibimbap parts warm and for making my other weakness, microwave kettle corn. [remember we’re vegetarian tottering on vegan, though if one offered me a really good steak, from an animal that had been well treated before it was schected, I would probably jump on it and emulate a dragon while eating it. medium rare please.]

I have basil and dill currently which work to make most of my favorite dishes (tomato soup with basil & a cold yogurt soup with cucumber, tomato, cayenne pepper and dill; no not eaten together!)

In case anyone was wondering, it appears the kool-aid has an o-k hescher. In my infinite free time I might acquire some yarns and try my hand at dyeing.