theme development…

I decided to see if i can make a different theme behave nicer in my browser and any others… Please excuse any breakage you may experience in the next hour or two. And yes fyberduck, I’m trying to keep the penguins. ;)

update 7:45p: I think I’ll leave this theme for a bit, I need to wait for E (who btw is stuck in grand jury duty for the next two weeks) to log off from work so that I can test in that browser-which-shall-remain-nameless. ;) Please let me know if anything is weird. I’ll test comments shortly..

update 7:57p: I’m not currently enamoured with the repeat of the image. E and I will play with it, I’ll probably just have it right justified again like before with no repeat. We’ll see. Right now a nice warm bath is calling my name.