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I read Edward Tufte’s Cognitive Style of Powerpoint and Mercedes Lackey’s Mage Storms Trilogy this past week. I have gone back into “school mode” whereas during the week I am not permitting myself to read “fun” books unless and until my “scheduled” reading is complete. On shabbos I can only read “fun” books.

Cognitive Style of Powerpoint by Edward Tufte had been on my reading list for a while. While a very slim volume, 27 pages, there is a lot in there that has forced me to turn my notions of what makes a good slide-presentation on it’s head. I had wanted to take his course this summer, but got into grad school (part time) instead. I’ll have to make due with reading the forum and attempting to read all of his books. I hesitate a little to state that I’ve completed this book. I have made two passes through it and will go through it again with some presentations I’ve created for clients next to me. I expect to greatly change how some things are laid out.

The Mage Storm Trilogy (Storm Warning (428 pages), Storm Rising (412 pages), and Storm Breaking (463 pages)) by Mercedes Lackey is simply marvelous. Perhaps it’s good that I’m coming to a conclusion of the published books on Valdemar (Owlflight, Owlsight, Owlknight are all of the core which remain) due to my imposed reading schedule/ban. This trilogy made for marvelous reading this shabbos and I was very sad to hit page 463 on Storm Breaking; though pleased with the way things turned out. I do urge you to try this series if you haven’t. I prefer reading chronologically even though few recommend that path. I would love one day to own the whole kit-and-kaboodle, thus far I only own Valdemar Companion. Lastly, thank you (again) to geeknoob for introducing me to Black Gryphon.

This week I read 1330 pages over 4 books. My SRP ’06 total is thus 13473 pages and 42 books. Now if I could only finish Shogun, Small Changes, Harry Potter (en francais) and the Owl Trilogy by 31 August…

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  1. Lackey is soooo dangerous, I haven’t let myself even look at her recent publications (sigh). I admire your discipline, tho :D

  2. are we sure it’s discipline? dedication? delusion? while picking up another book for class i saw owlflight and bought it. *sigh*

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