packed picture-free post

I know. I’m sorry. As consolation I’ll try to upload more pictures to the various photo albums.

Lots of things to post about… many things I’ll wait on until I have pictures. Full post is after the “jump”.

I’m still knitting tons of Dave’s amazing garterlac dishcloths. I do not suggest you use Lion Cotton in Salt & Pepper though. I’m not very happy with how it’s turning out and am looking into alternates, but first want to finish what I have, (not a full one), it might be butt ugly but *I* can use it then and not feel guilty that it wasn’t gifted away. If I continue on my streak of being able to knit backwards (at least on the opening triangles and the squares) the next few will go much faster. Sock? It’s been traveling and seeing the world, but is camera shy and doesn’t seem to want me to knit it lately.. Tomorrow it’s going to spend the day at Fire Island with the firm. I hope it plays nice. I would like to finish it so I can start it’s twin and then try to cast on for a toe-up. I’ve tried several times and it just hasn’t worked out yet.

Yesterday I sold a bunch of books to various bookshops, which was nice because I didn’t pay for any of them in the first place. Most were some AAA travel guides, one was a cookbook my mom gave me that I have detested since opening. She doesn’t blame me. It was a “new edition” of a favorite of hers, but not the favorite I liked. Wow, can you follow that? Not sure I can. Anyway. I got rid of it and while I know it will probably be sold for at least $15, I was thrilled to get the $4 and some more space on my bookshelf (it was a big honking binder thing, which hurts if you drop it on your toe, well you hurt, I’m not sure if it does). All told I made $9 selling books–here’s the amazing part– I only bought $5.24 worth of “new-to-me” books, which means I came out ahead for the first time EVER. I bought two books, one a Japanese crochet/knit for baby (I was debating between two and am still not sure if I bought the right one), the other is a book proof.

Yesterday I received a wonderful package from a friend (A) and it was stamped with wonderful comic book hero stamps. The package? It contains a book for school, not terribly exciting (especially because the book is Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright by Arthur Raphael Miller). But it still is really cool to get a package covered with stamps! And a book, one can never give wrong when giving a book.

[When I next stand in line at the post office, I’m going to try to get me some Picture Book Animal stamps and Gee’s Bend Quilts. Them’s kewl. ;) ]

I find it highly amusing that according to feedburner, PG Ponders (my old blog) has 4 subscribers (up from 3 two weeks ago) and that Penguin Girl has 0. Even more amusing considering I subscribe to my own blog! Bloglines claims 3 (I am one), thank you.

I am well aware that the current template I am using is horrid in various web browsers which shall remain nameless. I am a very snobby (and poor) web designer and generally code my sites first and foremost for firefox and then later get around to checking them out in other browsers. I am slowly working on a new layout which will play nice with my plugins, be valid css etc, and play nice with all the browsers that do not like to play nice with each other. Please be patient. If someone wants to make it so that photopress plays nice with sandbox please be my guest.

I have some food things I want to post, but think I’m going to wait until there are pictures to torture you with. I’ll tease you with I have found a new snack which is just as yummy to me as rice crackers (which I am addicted to and it’s hard to find heschered). My other foodie item has to deal with spices.

I’m going to revise my previous posting schedule and attempt to follow the following:
Monday – Books
Tuesday – Travel / Trains
Wednesday – Knitting
Thursday – Tools / Food
Friday – Jewish learning of some sort or another (Elul is right around the corner! meep!) (It will probably be linkage to others but I dunno)
Maybe there will be other posts in there, maybe not. I’m thinking of turning on asides again, we’ll see.

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  1. I am amazed by the very concept of a posting schedule, to be honest ;) I need to reply to your emails! eek, my inbox scares me right now… so I’m being a coward and avoiding it (badme, I know). I’d love to see some pix of the garterlac dishcloths! That sounds coolies, even if the yarn’s icky…

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