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Six days in Tokyo is not nearly enough time. I’ll be slowly updating this photo album with some of the pictures I took. I didn’t take very many as I spent most of my time just looking.

My flight arrived early and I flew through immigration, baggage claim, and customs. I caught the train to the city just as the doors were closing. I figured out (after a short bit fumbling with the currency) how to take the subway straight to our hotel (E’s company paid!). The hotel is amazing. Because I’m a big dork I couldn’t figure out how to flush the toilet (in my defense the handle DID wiggle side to side and I just assumed it was much more complex than necessary). Go check out the hotel. I still can’t believe that companies PAY for their employees to stay. Much nicer than our apartment. The bathtub was wonderful and the shower had a “rain” head which was simply marvelous.

Friday we switched to a much less expensive hotel (in comparison) Roppongi Prince Hotel, which was quite nice, very friendly staff, but definitely has been well used and felt a bit dated.

We explored most of the city, but again, 6 days is not enough. It was tough for me the first day because of Tisha B’Av and that I hadn’t realized that one could buy a “day pass” for the metro, so I did a LOT more walking in hot weather and high humidity (without water) than I generally would on a summer fast day.

This will be a pretty wikipedia heavy post. It’s easier that way, for me anyway…

We went to Shinbuya (Meiji Shrine, pedestrian scramble), Shinjuku, Ueno Park (and Tokyo National Museum), Akihabara (of course), Roppongi, the Imperial Gardens, Asakusa, Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market, Aoyama Cemetery (E is fascinated by cemeteries). I know I’m leaving things out.

Shopping.. Ahhh.. Shopping. Well, we hit many places in Akihabara (too many to type in). I also spent a lot of time at Tokyu Hands (kinda like a cross between Ikea, Target, and Muji, they had goccos but uhm.. I couldn’t justify $60 on something i have no idea if i can or would use, but it would have been a nice gift..)), Muji, Itoya (I’m still drooling), Kiddyland, Hakuhinkan Toy Park, and Kinokuniya. I was very confused on the exchange rate so I didn’t purchase as much as I wanted, which is probably a good thing as I have a tuition bill looming over my head.

So much got left out. So much I wanted to do.

So much I realized how horrible my Japanese is so I’m working on fixing that and making it better. Slowly. I still will focus on reading (since I would rather read than speak any day) but I’d like to be able to read more than ??? (Roppongi), ?? (up), (down), and ?? (exit).

And for those curious what we ate, if I don’t see another banana for the next few years I will be very very happy.

I want to go back very badly (I pouted the entire way to the airport) but E isn’t so excited. I think if it wasn’t soo humid and if he had more time to just be, also if we got out of the city? (Go read Blue Lotus for some beautiful travels and pictures). I love both London and Tokyo, but I’ve never worked in either city. We both loved Hong Kong, but neither of us have worked there. Who knows what the future will bring?

[edit]: added Tsukiji Fish Market.

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