breakage ahead

I’m playing with the sandbox theme and breaking things. If I can’t get bits up and running quick (i.e. fixing the photo album) I’ll abort and go back to the other theme…

update @ 8pm: Enough for now. I need to read up on some docs and maybe actually learn css… I am trying to get the Three-Column Minimalist Right skin to play nice with the photopress plugin I’ve started using. Also, does anyone else have issues getting firefox to play with widgets? I think it’s a versioning issue of wordpress + firefox, it doesn’t work with safari either which means I have to go use E’s machine and that horrible web browser…
update @ 8:15pm: It appears now that ie doesn’t want to do widgets. I found a widget for photopress and it seems to be breaking lots of things. Yay!
update @ 8:16pm: Garbage text at the beginning of the file which didn’t always appear depending which editor (VI! VI!) I used to edit…

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  1. so long as you don’t get rid of the penguin ;)

  2. Thanks for your kind comments about the garterlac cloth — I’m glad you’re enjoying it :-)

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