I do knit…

Really, I do. I’ve not pulled all my photos off the camera yet so this will be a picture-free knitting post. I’m sorry. Mostly I’ve been knitting lots and lots of these wonderful dishrags, since I still haven’t gotten my paws on mason-dixon knitting (I’m now 8th on the hold list at nypl). It’s mostly garter stitch these days because I don’t have the spare brain cycles to work on lace or anything more complicated than garter. Heck, I’ve discovered that I can’t count to 8 as well as I thought. So uhm, if I’ve asked you what your favorite colors are, or what colors certain parts of your house are, please just indulge me. I don’t care if you throw out whatever I send you whenever I send it to you. I’m having fun and it’s keeping me off the streets. ;) I’ve been buying most of my cotton at PS Yarns and yesterday picked up some more (and asked if they could add some of the new colors). I also have some plain cotton cord from the hardware store I’m going to use, does anyone know if I can dye it? (without a washing machine? I have a spare pot that is in the pile to be tossed. Also is kool aid kosher?). I love this pattern so much, it looks super complicated and as long as I count to 8 it isn’t hard at all.

Let’s talk about needles for a second though, shall we? First things first, I am a crochet person who has moved over to knitting. I am also very petite, and while I have strong fingers from years of typing and playing bassoon, I am used to a small crochet hook. In general I prefer circular needles because the straight parts are smaller than those 10-100″ straight needles which cause me to poke myself, my neighbor, and my cousin in Minnesota. Baby bibs, socks, and dishrags are not big. The last time I was in PS Yarns I noticed a set of “children’s plastic needles” near the register. I thought about it, and didn’t do it. I spent the entire time in Tokyo with long wood dpn’s which poked everything. Yesterday I became the proud owner of a set of these (No. R42 Multi Pack Knitting Needles). They are bright primary colored plastic. They are slightly flexible so we’ll see how long they last, but for now I’m happy. I was just about to (and I still might) cut some of those behemoth dpn’s in half and add some poly clay ends.

BTW Coats & Clark recently redid their website. It’s very nice and easy to navigate!