Crazy Friday

Fridays are always crazy days. Life has been very busy but good this week. May I not screw things up and it continue to be good.

1) gnome is looking for some talented women. personally i don’t like gnome or KDE [i’m a plain & simple kinda gal]. but this looks like an AWESOME opportunity (look at the potential projects). (thank you for the link K!)

2) thinking lots about spinning…

3) i am very happy to see the sun.

4) I think i have to rip out the entire jaywalker. somehow, somewhere my pattern got off by a stitch or two and i can’t figure out where. I’ll examine it shortly over lunch [update: i didn’t actually get to lunch until 5:30 while i was making shabbos dinner. oops!]

5) I have not knit at all on the baby cardigan.

6) I’m probably going to rip the washcloth to make another market bag.

7) lots more i want to post & write about but i have too much to do today and haven’t organized it yet. this morning i ran to shop rite and the vege store, then back out to the post office to mail off b’s birthday present (only two weeks late) and the bank. i’ve remembered to eat a bit, and am about to go make lunch. i promise.

8) vacation in 16 days. i can’t wait!