a rose by any other name …

I realized something.

I have too many names but each “identity” is used at a specific time and location.

… on the web i’m mostly peninah (though i find everyone else chooses how they want to spell it in english. which is amusing. i’m very picky. my middle name has an E on the end. I’m very insistant upon that.). though i do also go by psg or an old old alias. we can blame google for that since they required more than 5 characters for gmail.

… in person it depends who I am talking to. If they don’t grok shabbos, then I am penny; if they do, i am peninah.

don’t ask me my last name … way over a year on i still have difficulty spitting it out. though my mother finds great joy in sending post to Mrs (E our_last_name). i don’t like that. i have business cards with a plethera of permutations on them — none of which are what I currently go by professionally. one day i’ll figure it out.

just thought i’d share–not sure why now or why here… ::shrugs::

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  1. Aliases are fun. I’ve always gone by Yvonne for school and professionally. Then by Vonnie for family and close friends. Then, of course, Lavendersheep for blogland and online business.

    I know about the last name thing though. It was weird getting used to a new name. The words fiance and then husband were really weird for me to use too.

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